Bamboo: A Sustainable, Eco Friendly Choice - good for you - good for our planet!

Bamboo: A Sustainable, Eco Friendly Choice - good for you - good for our planet!

Bamboo: A Sustainable, Eco Friendly Choice - good for you - good for our planet!


Bamboo: The fastest Growing Plant

Bamboo has been named by the Guinness World of Records as the fastest growing plant on earth.

Bamboo will grow on rain water alone and is self-regenerating when cut, helping prevent soil erosion.

Unlike hardwood trees, which can take anywhere from between 20 to 50 years to grow harvest ready, bamboo can typically be harvested in their fourth year.

After a bamboo crop harvest, there is no need to start over the planting process as bamboo is self regenerating when cut. Another benefit from this amazing organiclly grown plant is that there is very little to no waste as every part of the bamboo can be used.

Bamboo roots stay in place after harvesting which prevents soil erosion and help retain nutrients for the next crop. This is in contrast to the soil erosion that occurs after hardwood trees are harvested.

One of the largest and best benefits of organic bamboo is that it has no natural pests, therefore doesn’t require the agricultural chemicals to grow that other crops do.

Bamboo Fibre - Superior “Closed Loop” Process

In many instances, the process of creating bamboo fibre requires toxic chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and carbon disulfide, creating the finishing product to be similar to rayon. This has been proven to be extremely hazardous to the environment and manufacturer workers.

The above mentioned process is not used to create Metisa Bamboo bamboo products.  Metisa Bamboo products do not have any bleaching agents used in the making, there is no chlorine exposure, instead hydrogen peroxide, a safe substance, is used. This not only benefits the environment but is good for our health as well.

The factory producing Metisa Bamboo fibre uses an advanced, closed loop process that recycles the solvent used to make bamboo fabric in a way that is better for the environment. In this system, plant emissions into the air and from waste water are much lower in comparison to other fiber operations.

When looking to buy bamboo products, make sure they are made from 100% virgin bamboo pulp and that toxic chemicals aren’t being used and harming the environment.  

The 100% Metisa Bamboo fibre produced at the bamboo processing facility in China is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified which means that the use of chemicals in its production is less than the internationally accepted standards, that's a great bonus for you and our planet!

Look out for the Oeko -Tex label to have confidence that no harmful chemicals have been used in the processing.



Panda-Friendly Bamboo 

While the special organic bamboo fabric production process used is better for the environment, it also doesn’t harm our beloved endangered pandas. 

There are over 40 different types of bamboo which pandas eat but none of these are used in the production of our Metisa Bamboo sheets.

Only two kinds of bamboo types are suitable for making the special pulp used for the organic bamboo fabric products. Since pandas do not eat either type, their vital food supply isn’t reduced.

Earth-Friendly Bamboo 

Metisa Bamboo bed sheets are made using organically grown bamboo and a superior production process that greatly reduces environmental harm.

Plus our 100% bamboo bed sheets will be the sofest, smoothest sheets you have ever slept in but they are sure to make you feel good about your purchase.

Treat our planet and your family well with these toxin free, eco-friendly, luxurious bed sheets - you will love them!